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"We love the pictures. There are some greats shots and it was definitely hard to narrow them down.
We like the effects on the photos as well as the black & whites"
                                                                             -- Leah (Bride)
"Thank You Thank You !!!!! A million times.
We got our pictures of course and they are awesome. You did such a good job the DVD is beautiful and there are so many good pics .
You really captured our happiness and every moment was relived as we looked through the pictures. Thank you thank you "
                                                                                -- Lacie (Bride)
"We were very happy with Melissa's work at our wedding. The photos turned out beautifully and she was personable and courteous.
She even helped avoid disaster by sewing the wedding dress after it ripped! We highly recommend Melissa and her photography."
                                                                                           -- Steve & Anne (Bride & Groom)


Thanks very much for all your hard work, I'm sorry things weren't more organized for you.
The rain kind of through us all for a loop. Thank you so much for sticking it out with us and I appreciate
your speed and professionalism during everything. I enjoyed myself so much I didn't care that it was raining!
We [got] the dvd it's unbelievable there are some really great pictures there!
                                                                                -- Lacie (Bride)
Thank you for all of your great work. Your attention to detail and to making sure that Alan and
I got pictures of ourselves is very much appreciated.  My Gram was so proud to have pictures to share
with her friends of her attendance of the Wedding. Thank you for helping make our day extra special!
                                                                                -- Shae (Bride)
"Thank you so much Melissa.  I hear you have decided to become a wedding
photographer now and I think that is an absolutely perfect choice for you.  You
might also want to incorporate the wedding planning into it if possible because
you really do think of everything!  Thanks again." 
                                                                                                    -- Shelley (Groom's Mother)
"Thank you so much for everything!! You have been such a big help from the very beginning... 
We had a wonderful honeymoon, but are very excited to be home too.... 
Melissa your gift for Ryan and I was amazing we love it,
they are the only nice printed pictures we have right now from our day. 
Thanks again for all that you did for us, you are a great friend to us both!!"
                                                                                            -- Hollie (Bride)
"The pictures were AMAZING!! My mom was really impressed!
The backgrounds looked awesome and the flowers matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly!
You'll definitely go recommended! :) Again I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job."
                                                                                            -- Shannon (Bride)
"Wow... your pics are beautiful!!! What a great job... it was like I re-lived [my wedding day]!!!"
                                                                                        -- Nicole (Bride)
"You did a GREAT job on the pictures for Ryan and Nicole. Love them!!"
                                                                                   -- Patti (Bride's Aunt)
"Just wanted to say good job on the website and the pictures for Nicole's wedding looked amazing,
wish I would have had you take mine!!! Good luck with it all."
                                                                                     -- Jennifer (Bride's Sister)


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